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It all started with training

Lösch & Partner has been about explaining complex things since the 1980s.
Back then, it was all about helicopters.
Our focus has changed over the years, but training or education has always remained part of our work. 

Our company founders are wholehearted programmers, engineers, aviation fanatics and automotive enthusiasts. We love complex and intelligently made things.

How strategy became a passion

One particular encounter completely changed our path. The year was 2016 and we were heavy into ALM tools like IBM Doors. We knew this widely used tool inside and out. That's when we came across Intland, a company that was looking to shake up this market. We quickly realized that their new product, Codebeamer, took a much more strategic approach. Codebeamer didn't want to step into the same pitfalls and faux pas as previous ALM tools. We understood - and were on fire. Since then, we partnered with Intland and our passion for Codebeamer was ignited.

Anyone who has dived deeper into Codebeamer understands what we are talking about. It is a powerful tool that penetrates and maps the complexity of systems engineering, making it transparent and manageable. Codebeamer turns complexity into passion.

We convey more
than knowledge

We wouldn't do Codebeamer justice if we only wanted to impart knowledge. Why? Codebeamer is about traceability, but also security, efficient working and seamless cooperation. To make this a reality requires strategy, enabling, integration and heart and soul. In the end, we have to pick up the manager and decision maker in this process in the same way, so that they can make the strategically right decisions.

We believe in needs-based solutions

It's a paradox: The requirements manager wants to take everyone's requirements into account, but who takes his requirements into account? Every project is different, and in every project, completely different roles come together. The manager and decision maker under time pressure, the automotive engineer with gasoline in his blood, or the long-time ALM specialist and test engineer, are three groups with highly different Codebeamer needs. But Codebeamer manages to meet them all. And we help them all find their way into Codebeamer.

About Our Training Team


Lösch & Partner Codebeamer Academy Trainer


Lösch & Partner Codebeamer Academy Trainer


Lösch & Partner Codebeamer Academy Trainer


Lösch & Partner Codebeamer Academy Trainer


Lösch & Partner Codebeamer Academy Trainer



Our accomplished team of trainers not only teaches you how to use the platform, but also shares years of expertise and proven best practices.

Our trainers are no ordinary instructors - they are true experts in Application Lifecycle Management and have built and refined their knowledge over many years in diverse projects and industries. They understand the challenges you face because they have experienced them themselves.

By attending our online training courses, you will benefit from this wealth of experience. You will gain practical knowledge and concrete solutions for your daily work with Codebeamer. Whether you are just starting out or want to expand your skills, our team of trainers will guide you on your way with passion and dedication.

Increase your productivity, improve the quality of your software and optimize your processes - We make you a codebeamer expert.

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